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Aveda believes in conducting business in a manner that protects the Earth, conserves resources and does not compromise the ability of future generations to sustain themselves. Our mission positions Aveda as a catalyst for awareness and change at individual and collective levels.

We also support these values that cultivate a sustainable economy and culture. We find inspiration for doing so in nature and believe that nature is not merely something to be cherished and protected, but also should be emulated as a model of sustainability.

That French Salon is committed to working for these ends by expressing our values and serving as agents of change in our workplaces, with our families and friends, and in our communities. We believe that the microscopic actions of single individuals have the power to change the course of human civilization. We aim to help steer society in a more sustainable direction for our benefit and the benefit of generations to come.

We also carry a fine line of handmade jewelry by the owner, Brigitte Pipkin, and other artists.




We are an AVEDA concepts salon and have a full line of AVEDA products for your hair, skin care and body. We also have candles and special limited time products for sale at the salon.

If you'd prefer to shop on line, just click the SHOP AVEDA graphic and shop at your own pace!




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